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Grade Weights

Grading Scale, Class Ranking, GPA
Grade Calculation
A student's Grade Point Average (GPA) is the accumulation of the GPAs calculated by dividing the
total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted for every
semester. All semester grades for courses attempted will count toward a student's GPA. Weighted
GPA is used to determine class rank. An unweighted GPA is used for admission to most colleges
and universities and scholarships at in-state schools.
Grading Scale
A - 90-100 "Excellent"
B - 80-89 "Above Average"
C - 75-79 "Average"
D - 70-74 "Below Average"
F - 0-69 "Failing"
Grade to Letter Conversion
Course Weight
Additional Points
PLTW Course Weight
Senior Class Rank
A class rank indicates how a student's grades compare with those of other students in his/her class.
All courses recorded on the Academic Achievement Record (high school transcript) shall count toward Grade Point Average (GPA) and class rank, using the grades received. Class rank is determined by the weighted grade point average (GPA) of all high school credit courses taken through the end of the eighth semester. The final GPA determines rank for honor graduation status (valedictorian/salutatorian) and top quartile of the graduating class by the end of the second semester of the senior year. Estimated class rankings are to be determined at the end of the junior year and the first semester of the senior year for the express purpose of college entrance requirements. A final calculation of GPA and class rank is determined at the completion of the senior year and will be reflected on the
final transcript.
Regular Courses (4.0 GPA Courses)
Category Percentage Breakdown
Summative Assessment 30
Formative Assessment 40
Formative Practice 20
Homework 10
Advanced Courses (5.0 & 4.5 GPA Courses)
Category Percentage Breakdown
Summative Assessment 40
Formative Assessment 30
Formative Practice 20
Homework 10
Lab Courses (Local Credit Courses)
Category Percentage Breakdown
Formative Assessment 50
Formative Practice 50
Included Assignments:
Summative Assessment: To Assess Mastery - Curriculum-Based Assessments (CBA), District Assessments, Major projects, Major papers
Formative Assessment: To Assess Progress - Progress Assessments, group assignments, PBL tasks, independent work, lab reports
Formative Practice: For Learning and Practice - Guided practice, classwork, participation